At Securus Contact Systems, we understand that every Business is unique. While we all share a standard set of communication devices, each business leverages this standard technology through different internal processes. For this reason, we have developed highly advanced scripting and customization tools, to enable our agents to feel as though they are a part of your team. No matter who you are!

We are confident that we can help grow your business. Get started today by identifying which of our services will be beneficial to your company. Then download our plans and pricing information, it's time to get signed up! The sign up process is and easy to do. Just call a Sales Representative today, and we will help you through the process!

After selecting your service plan, we will begin building your account. We have advanced scripting tools that will allow us to customize your Call Handling Instructions to be unique to your business needs. Your custom greeting, call scenarios, delivery recipients and methods are examples of information we'll be collecting. Depending on your implementation, this typically does not take long!

Some projects need greater attention to detail than others. We offer Dedicated Agents for just that reason. A dedicated staff will be trained on your business alone, and will become an expert at your trade, just as if they were in your office. But without the headache or overheads costs of hiring them yourself.

We have completely eliminated the guess work previously required to trust an Answering Service to handle your calls with confidence. We now offer a web based Client Access Portal, providing access to call records and messages in real time. Break free from your desk with confidence that your calls are handled to your satisfaction. We answer our calls (as your business) quicker than all call centers and pride ourselves on making sure callers have the shortest call to answer ratio. Not to mention we can beat your current rates, while still gaining a better call center system than current.

We Sound Great, and we know it! We're so confident in our call quality, that we provide a 14-Day money back guarantee!

Why would someone want to lock you into a contract? Because they're afraid they will lose your business once you've started. You won't need to pay for these kind of insecurities here. We have confidence that we will earn your business on a month-to-month basis. Oh, and by the way, we have some of the lowest rates in our industry!