"I must say thank you, your team is doing a very good job, I'm very amazed. Although we do not have many calls, the ones we get from you turn to cash!!! They still are learning and they will get even better with time and practice. I'm very glad, and hopefully we will continue working together for a long time and grow together."
Sam Golan, Go East
"I wanted to let you know that your company has done an outstanding job for my firm! Incoming calls are answered quickly, and your customer service is excellent. I have used several answering services in the past, and your company definitely offers the most optimal service for the best price. Keep up the good work!"
John Schmude, Schmude Law Firm
Elena Coyne at Boston InFocus video was hesitant to startup services with us. We were determined to show her how much new business we could generate by capturing missed phone calls. She gave us 1 month to prove it. In the first week providing services, she called to rejoice that we had captured a photo shoot lead worth 10 times the cost of our service. Smart choice Elena!
In July of 2013 we had the great pleasure of providing large scale call center services for Hurricane Sandy Relief, to the the people of New Jersey. We were approached just 5 days before the launch date. The requirement was 50 Dedicated and Trained agents who would be ready to take calls. The resulting outcome was a huge success, and we couldn't be more proud.
Because our staff represents your organization, we're extremely careful about the people we select for employment. Every staff member here at Securus Contact Systems is a stand-up individual, fully trained and qualified to represent any organization with the best possible service. Through experience, we've learned that skills can be taught, and personality traits can not. As such, we target individuals who are naturally upbeat and cheerful, so that your calls are answered with a smile, effortlessly, every time.
Our Technology Infrastructure is second to none. We make use of the most trusted and scalable systems in the world. We leverage open source technology which allows us to maintain lower operating costs, and extend lower pricing to our customers. We have adopted cloud based computing, VoIP telephony and Jabber Communications systems to provide hands down the best quality service in our industry.
Customer Service Agents: Are you naturally upbeat and energetic? Do you speak clearly, with a pleasant tone? Can you relate to people who are having trouble, and feel the need to help? We've been waiting for you. Come join a team who appreciates your abilities and dedication. Submit your resume to the e-mail address below.
Sales Representative: When explained properly, our services will sell themselves. Every business owner wants to capture more sales opportunities. Do you honestly care about the client you're selling to? If yes, then we want you.